Lord Brahma Vishnu & Shiva Indian Trinity batik Wall hanging tapestry Décor

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It is a representation of Trimurti, a fusion of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,  personifying union of the forces of creation, sustenance and destruction. Brahma  is rajasic, active and energetic; Shiva is tamasic, passive and inert; Vishnu on  the other hand is sattvic, constantly trying to create a balance between the  aggressiveness of the creator and the regressiveness of the destroyer. Together  they represent the trinity and are the most important group in the Hindu  pantheon.

What is batik ?

- Batik is an intricate "wax resist" process. First, the design is sketched with a pencil and the cloth is stretched on a frame. Then melted wax is painted by hand onto areas where color is not desired. When the fabric is crumpled into the dying solution, the wax cracks, creating an attractive network of fine lines. The wax is removed and the process is repeated for each color utilized.

Features :

  • Size : Approximately 31" wide x 41" long Inch.
  • Material used : cotton fabric , batik natural color 
  • open from ages, not hammed. so buyer can adjust according to their requirement.
  • Beautiful wax batik Work by Hand
  • Represents the True Art
  • its can be unique gift for someone.

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