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Indulge in divine tranquility with our Lord Shiva in Meditation Wall Tapestry. Hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans, this exquisite piece of Hindu artistry brings cultural richness and spiritual serenity to your home. Explore now!

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Discover transcendent beauty with our meticulously crafted Lord Shiva Wall Hanging, boasting an impressive size of 84″ x 94″ inches and a weight of 700 grams. Each tapestry is a masterpiece, hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans, ensuring unparalleled authenticity and artistry. Elevate your space with the divine presence of Lord Shiva Wall Hanging, intricately captured in every brushstroke. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Hindu artistry, bringing serenity and elegance to your surroundings. Embrace the essence of Bohemian charm and Indian tradition with our exquisite tapestry, a timeless addition to your sacred space.

Specification :

  • size : 94″ Length x  84″ width
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • No wash please.
  • 100% original with sharp detail and long lasting vibrant color.
  • Free worldwide shipping through Air mail by post.

Additional information

Weight700 g
Dimensions94 × 84 in

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