Lord Trinity Brahma Vishnu batik wall tapestry 31 x 41 free


Lord Brahma Vishnu, Shiva Indian Trinity batik wall hanging trimurti tapestry, 100% cotton fabric handmade print with batik work on it.

  • 100% made of cotton fabric
  • batik wax process done by artist.
  • truely sharp detail and long lasting vibrant color.
  • Free worldwide shipping through Air mail by post.
  • light hand cold wash recommend.
  • you can also buyt it from Amazon


It is a representation of Trimurti, a fusion of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, personifying union of the forces of creation, sustenance and destruction. Brahma is rajasic, active and energetic; Shiva is tamasic, passive and inert; Vishnu on the other hand is sattvic, constantly trying to create a balance between the aggressiveness of the creator and the regressiveness of the destroyer. Together they represent the trinity and are the most important group in the Hindu pantheon.

Our batik tapestry has spacial quality batik wors which has long lasting vibrant color life.


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Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions41 × 31 in

Blue, Brown

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