What Is “Mandala” Words Meaning ?

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The Word “Mandala” Is From The Classical Indian Language Of Sanskrit. Loosely Translated To Mean “Circle,”
A Mandala Is Far More Than A Simple Shape. Mandalas Are Popular On Tapestries,
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You Can Hang It On Your Bedroom,Living Room, Headboard Area Or Ceiling Or Any Wall To Add Luxury Giving An Instant Update To Decor Of Any Space.
Mandala Tapestries Add Bohemian And Hippie Touch To Any Room. Add Few Decorative Accessories Like Bedspreads, Pillows, Rugs And Fairy Light To Your Room To Complete It.

Many Designs Are Available And It Becomes Difficult To Choose Upon. You Can Have The Tapestry In Your Favorite Color, Matching Your Style And Room. These Tapestry Wall Hanging Are Available In Budget Price. Here Are Some Popular Tapestry Wall Hanging You Can Opt For.

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