Standing Shiva Bhairava Tapestry cloath wall hanging 41 x 31 free


Standing Shiva bhairava wall cloath tapestry, 100% handmade print with sequins work on it.

Shiva Bhairava finds its roots in the word BHIRU, which conveys the meaning of “fearsome.” The term Bhairava denotes a form that is intensely fearsome. It is also recognized as one who annihilates fear or transcends it altogether. One way to understand Shiva Bhairava is that he safeguards his devotees from terrifying adversaries such as greed, lust, and anger. These enemies pose a significant threat to humans as they impede their ability to discover the divine within. Therefore, Bhairava shields his followers from these obstacles.

  • 100% made of cotton fabric.
  • Sequin handwork done by village women artist.
  • truly sharp detail and long lasting vibrant color.
  • Free worldwide shipping through Air mail by post.
  • light hand cold wash recommend.
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Standing shiva Bhairava tapestry Sequin wall cloath hanging is a stunning piece of art that features the Hindu god Shiva, adorned with sequins.

This tapestry is a symbol of power, transformation, and destruction, making it a great addition to any space where you seek inspiration and motivation.

The sequins add a touch of sparkle and glamour to the tapestry, making it a perfect decorative piece that can be used as a wall hanging, bedspread, or tablecloth.

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Beautifully designed, Standing Shiva Bhairava Tapestry wall hanging From India crafted with  finest  fabric is a perfect combination of elegance and contemporary look. It is not   just unique but also has a great visual pleasant appearance. The outstanding  quality of this tapestry confirms its long life and also prevents it from  fading. Its classic design and intricate detailing makes it a must for those who  love collecting distinct home décor items.

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Weight120 g
Dimensions31 × 41 in


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